My Buzz

As the first ever Speech Therapy #sbs winner the best part has been raising the overall profile and awareness of Speech & Language Therapy as a profession.

Our Twitter followers and Facebook likes increased immediately however, thanks to SBSWinnersHour, every Tuesday we see a spike in followers too!

My Bio

I am the CEO of London Speech Therapy, a UK based Speech & Language Therapy service that provides assessments and therapy to children; families and schools primarily in the UK. We also recruit and relocate therapists to work in the Middle East and Asia.

In March 2013 we launched our Speech Therapy iPad app Colourful Semantics which has proved a massive hit in the worldwide AppStores reaching the 'top 10' in several Education charts.

I am also a 45% shareholder in - a website that sets to revolutionise how Health; Education; Social Care and Families can securely share information on children on a 'need to know basis'. WeBeTeam is used worldwide by clinicians and schools.

My Business Tips

1. Never stop striving!
2. Work hard but remember to look after your health and sanity.
3. Don't be scared to employ others. HMRC have lots of help to make this less daunting!
4. Do what you can do and employ others to do the things you can't do.
5. Don't try to be a jack of all trades (and master of none).

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