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Lorena Jane Art is forever evolving and learning and keen to share skills and expertise with everyone. Working in many different mediums ranging from oil to pastels, Lorena Jane Art can create your memories to last a lifetime and beyond. Lorena Jane Art is dedicated to connecting people, promoting art education, and showcasing the benefits that come from creativity.
Take part in art
Commercially available to all, mainstream and special needs, Take part in art is a creative experience which is fun, educational and bespoke for all ages. Take part in art is a hands on art experience which provides workshops for all ages, specialising in special needs but inclusive of mainstream too, across the East Midlands (and beyond with negotiation.) No matter what the setting, whether for example an educational session or a private birthday celebration or a cheeky hen party, we provide a creative experience which is fun, educational and bespoke.

My Bio

In all work I do I am a great believer in a creative journey. Indeed the final product and outcome is important but it’s the journey that makes the outcome the best it can be. I think this is true of my life. I have spent the last 18 years caring for my son who has complex health needs but also building up to the life i have now with my company. My experience as mum and carer gave me all the transferable skills i needed... i aim to make a difference and not a million.. a million who be good to make more of a difference though :) I love what I do. Passion drives and life is for living!

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Keep a notebook by your bed as its the small hours of the night that ideas appear! Write them down and go back to sleep :)

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