My Buzz

At Love EMVY, my ethos is I believe that a bag, wallet, purse or accessory can be a reflection of your personality and I try to ensure that we have something for everyone. From the classic to the quirky, whether you are looking for yourself or a gift, we have it all going on at Love EMVY.

My Bio

“When I set the company up, my vision was to source both timeless classic & quirky items, as accessories can dramatically alter your image dependant on the look you are after. We realise that your style for work isn’t necessarily the image you are after all of the time & that you can never have too many accessories! We just love matching items and love to help people in finding that special look they’re after. We dedicate our time ensuring excellent customer service & great quality items, which include some of our own branded products, which we are so proud of! Offering style alongside unique useful features to try and make life easier for you is our goal"

My Business Tips

Stay motivated
Believe in yourself
Dream Big
Outsource tasks you find difficult or don't have time to do yourself
Work hard, play hard!

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