My Buzz

It has been great for us...we have gained more followers on Twitter and our profile has grown. Adding the #sbs tag to our normal press release has given it a bit of extra ooomph and more interest with local and national/international media.

My Bio

Moose has been crazy about textiles from a young age and was always making felt creatures and wanted to make monsters for TV. She became an official moose whilst at school, when a good friend nicknamed her “Moosehead” and it stuck. She studied textiles at DJCA in Dundee and, after years travelling, working in the fashion industry and producing mooselets, she came back to making her own textile goodies again.

Moose currently resides in a rambling old house in Scotland with her 2 mooselets and dogs, which is also home to lucymoose studios. It's a busy and crazy place with allsorts of people constantly popping in, helping with doodles, making cups of tea and just generally hanging around - it's a great place to visit! Please contact us to make an appointment. We'll put the kettle on and we can probably rustle up some biscuits too!

My Business Tips

Relax! Enjoy what you do, follow your heart and follow your gut. Work hard, love what you do and be nice to people! Dream big :)

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