My Buzz

Plant based, biodegradable glitter.
Made from ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials, primarily eucalyptus.
My glitter quickly biodegrades into harmless substances in the natural environment.
It is never tested on animals, or unicorns and is sparkly AF!

My Bio

Luminosity Glitter was conceived from a love of all things Carnival and glitter.
I have been going to Notting Hill Carnival for as long as I can remember and year after year would be in charge of covering my friends and anyone in sight in glitter.

Then, one cold winters evening, during a daydream about Carnival... the place I miss more than anything,
I got thinking about plastic pollution and what actually happens to glitter after a day of glittery dancing.
In all the years of finding glitter for weeks afterwards in the most random places you could possibly think of, it had never actually occurred to me what happens to glitter after it disappears down the plug hole or peeled off into a bin.

My mission is to convert everyone to biodegradable cosmetic glitter and eradicate this popular micro plastic as its causing irreversible harm to our marine life and environment.
There is no Planet B. We need to start looking after the beautiful one we have.

My Business Tips

Stay true to your brand and ethos... Always!