My Buzz

#SBS has given me a personal boost, more confidence and a great deal of pride in the service I provide. The support and friendship I have gained from the wider #SBS community has been wonderful and I would urge any and every small business on Twitter to enter.

My Bio

I graduated with an MA (Hons) in English Language and Music from the University of Glasgow in 1994. After this, I went on to complete a CTEFLA qualification, which gave me the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in Warsaw, Bari, Eastbourne and Cambridge.

In 2000, I returned to Glasgow to take up a position as a commissioning editor for a distance-learning publisher. My work experience up until that point, combined with my passion for detail and accuracy, led me to start proofreading while working there. I moved back to my hometown of Perth in 2004, shortly after the birth of my first daughter, and took the plunge to become a self-employed proofreader and copy-editor.

Since becoming self-employed, I have proofread and copy-edited a wide variety of documents for diverse clients, including academic articles, annual reports, brochures, catalogues, dissertations, feasibility studies, mailings, magazines, procurement reports, prospectuses, submission documents, seminar materials and websites. I have also proofread over 200 higher education modules and several distance learning courses.

I am absolutely passionate about helping my clients get the most out of their written English and I love nothing more than sitting down with a stack of proofreading and my trusty red pen, tracking changes on a Word document, or making text edits on a .pdf – sad, but true!

My Business Tips

Always deliver on your promises.

Try to exceed your clients' expectations.

Have faith in yourself and what you do – if you don't, who else will?

If something feels a bit scary, do it!

Have the honesty and integrity to hold your hands up if you have made a mistake and never pass the buck.

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