My Buzz

Thanks to Theo's re-tweet I now have a wider audience to showcase my designs and have gained new followers and customers.

My Bio

Hiya, my name is Lynsey - I'm a creative, coffee fuelled designer maker from the West Midlands.


I started my business in 2011 while studying Textile Design at Wolverhampton University. I much preferred going against the norm, while everyone else was drawing flowers & shoes, here I was with zombies & insects. I wanted to create things that got a reaction & stood out from the rest. I still carry this thought-process with me today as you can see with my cheeky greetings cards to my sparkly cosmic range.


These past couple of years I have been focusing on improving my skills with designing & laser cutting. I absolutely love being able to draw something on illustrator, have it sent off to be cut out & ready to paint. One day I wish to own my very own laser cutter, I get so excited by the thought of making everything in my studio from start to finish!

If you'd like to join me on my adventure & see behind the scenes of Lynsey Luu (plus weird stuff that I find amusing or my two cheeky Jack Russells) then feel free to follow me on Instagram @lynseyluu :)

My Business Tips

Always contact anyone who has given you their business card within 24 hours of meeting, even if it's just to say hello.

My Latest Offers

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