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Make An Entrance ( is a family-run business based in Lincolnshire making and supplying homes and businesses across the UK with traditional handmade mats, contemporary entrance doormats and cut to size coir matting.

o   Our hand stitched mats are handcrafted in England from natural coir the way they have been for generations

o   Each one is individually made to order in our Lincolnshire workshops by trained artisans

o   They are completely bespoke.  You can order the size and thickness that you need for your unique property and our skilled team will make it just so

o   We even make mats to templates so that you can always ensure the perfect fit

o   These are tailor made door mats


Together Samantha and her husband Stuart have prevented this traditional skill from dying out and are now training a new generation of mat makers in their Lincolnshire workshops.

Many of Make An Entrance’s entrance mats are hand-finished and some stitched by hand.  Their entrance mats are made to last using high-quality materials including coir and they are the approved supplier of doormats to National Trust properties having supplied over 170 historic National Trust properties.

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Husband and wife team, Stuart and Samantha Burlton, created Make An Entrance following in the footsteps of Stuart’s father, Allen, who in the 1990s managed a Royal School for the Blind factory where visually impaired people were employed making handmade mats.  The Burltons have prevented this traditional skill from dying out and are now training a new generation of mat makers.

They make as many of their products as possible in the UK and are proud members of Made In Britain.

My Business Tips

See everything as an opportunity and work extremely hard!  It’s a cliché but Sam really believes that the harder she works the luckier she gets.  Sam says, "You have to be open to seeing challenging situations as opportunities for growth and development in order to act on them and then reap the rewards.  Seeing challenges as problems limits the chances you have for success.  Sometimes I need a period of consolidation and to regroup a bit before going full steam ahead again.  This is something I have recognised and allowed myself as I have matured.  When I was younger I wanted everything now which can be very stressful for those around you who don’t have the same vision and the plan fully formed in their heads!  As a woman in midlife, my hormones have taught me to recognise when I need to take things a little slower and the business is better for it too.  I have never lost my enthusiasm for new ideas and am genuinely excited about what the future holds.”

My Latest Offers

We're offering a Coir Mat Cleaning Brush free to #SBS Winners when they order from our website.  Just let us know you're an #SBS Winner and we'll do the rest!