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I help entrepreneurs raise their profile through writing and publishing a business book or self-help guide. I also work with aspiring authors who have written a novel they want to publish.

As a professional book editor and author coach, I work with aspiring writers to put their story into words that need to be shared!

MakeMeASuccess focuses on empowering authors and entrepreneurs who have words worth sharing. Write and market your book with confidence and passion.

My Bio

MakeMeASuccess launched in 2013 as a copywriting business then transitioned into book editing and author coaching.

With almost a decade of experience in creating and editing content and an international client base, I have edited and proofread over 5.8 million words. All of my clients have 5-star reviews, some have hit bestseller status, a few are named in 'Top books for...' listings. As a #1 ranking author myself, I am equipped to empower others to write their story, partnering with authors at every stage of their writing career.

I've partnered with entrepreneurs who want to elevate their profile, fictional authors on YA novels, people struggling with their mental health who use writing as therapy, and those who have words worth sharing.

I've won a WOW Award, a Queen of Award, SBS, nominated for Small Business of the Year 2017, and was a finalist for Mentor of the Year in 2019. After completing over two-hundred hours of volunteering work, I was invited to be interviewed for The Mentor Summit as part of a panel of people including Cherie Blair and two of the winners of The Apprentice Alana and Tim.

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My Business Tips

1. I love the IFTTT method (If this then that)

* If you don't know what to write, then ask your target audience what they need help with. This is called writing to market. I always say, 'it's not about what you want to write, what matters is what your audience need to read'.
* If you have writers' block, then go write something fun instead for a while. You can't allow the bad habit to set in where you feel fear or frustration when you sit down to write. So, write whatever you want, free-write, get creative until the spark hits again and you can get back to your book.
* If you don't think you have time to write, then print out a blank timetable and track what you do with your time daily/weekly. You might not find hours spare but you will be able to carve out small pockets of time which you can use to write. 15mins daily is better than never being able to get started because you can't find a full day to write.

2. Create your 'book team' early on. This might include other people working on a goal so you can keep each other accountable with weekly check-ins. Or it could be a group of people you plan to send your manuscript to be critiqued (beta readers). I recommend you give them plenty of advance notice when to expect this - not only will it keep you accountable to that date but it also allows them to keep time in their calendars. It may be other entrepreneurs or authors who are willing to help you promote your book when it launches.

3. Marketing - this is the most important tip I can give, begin marketing while you are writing. I've had clients hit bestseller and do very well with book sales but they are always the people who market hard and have a strategy.

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