My Buzz

Mantra + Moon is a lifestyle brand offering inspirational Decor, Clothing, Stationery and Gifts that make positivity, self-care and mindfulness louder.

The aim is to help you create a life that motivates & inspires you every single day by sparking encouragement and motivation through words, art, fashion, mindfulness and gorgeous intention setting tools.

You can explore our products by category or by intention. Mantra + Moon delivers from the UK to almost every country in the world.

(Formerly Studio Ainsworth)

My Bio

Hi there, my name is Gem and it is my mission to inspire you and provide you with beautiful designs to complement your lifestyle by making postivity, mindfulness and self-care louder.

I am a fashion design graduate who gained a huge love for fashion illustration during my time at University. After graduating I never stopped drawing and honing my creative skills and eventually poured it all into Mantra + Moon.

All of the products and designs are infused with a sprinkle of positivity, mindfulness, relaxation, intention setting and self-care.

My Business Tips

Set up a mailing list with a goal beyond just sales.

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