My Buzz

Margot & Montañez has launched a range of speciality South-American Alfajores biscuits filled with indulgent flavours following our late grandmother’s recipe of over 50 years, made with the finest ingredients and free from nasty preservatives or additives.

Combining authentic family recipes with flavour inspirations from around the world, we take you on a journey of discovery to maximum indulgence and surprising flavours.

Get together with your loved ones to share and celebrate the joy of every day, not just special days, with a touch of sweet, tasty Latin indulgence.

Perfectly matched with a creamy latte, hot chocolate or herbal tea (also go nicely with wine and bubbly), these shortbread-like biscuits, that melt in your mouth are exquisitely light yet indulgent treats. They also make a thoughtful, authentic gift for discerning foodies and tea/coffee lovers.

My Bio

I'm a Latina and foodie by nature, passionate about building memories and relationships through food and explosion of flavours. When I'm not baking, I'm discovering new ingredients or testing (mostly improvised) recipes.

I believe that good food brings happiness to the soul. Everyone deserves a little indulgence now and then, so whether you’re catching up with family or friends, or just enjoying a little ‘me time’, our handcrafted Alfajores make the perfect accompaniment to that special occasion.

My Business Tips

✅Dream big yet work hard
✅Stay focused, be clear on what is your why
✅Avoid comparing yourself to others
✅Surround yourself with good people.