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Fabulous Botanical Spirits made from British Sugar Beet. The base liquor is then distilled through a copper still, in small batches, with botanicals, herbs and spices, to produce wonderfully complex, rounded and interesting spirits which complement food but will also excite mixologists too. The Eastern Blend bursts with coriander and cardamom, touches of orange, ginger and fennel (to name some of the 14 Botanicals in this blend) with a light rose finish. The Italian Blend has a wonderful tomato aroma and flavour with aromatic pepper, hits of chilli and an oregano finish (just a few of the 11 Botanicals in this blend).

My Bio

From a hospitality background with a passion for food, wine and spirits, James and I developed these spirits over the course of two years. With our food background in mind, we wanted to produce complex spirits which could be served with food as well as working well as a stand alone drink. Botanical Spirits (or as we've called ours, Botanic Distillates) are forecast to be the next trend in Spirits, so if you want a new experience, hop on board !

My Business Tips

Quality, Quality, Quality - be persistent and invest in the belief you have in your product or services.

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