My Buzz

Connecting people lies at the very heart of my business, so I was absolutely thrilled when Theo selected Mastermind Translations as a SBS winner. I'm also the first translation professional in the SBS family. Since Theo's landmark retweet on 30th March, I've been flooded with wonderful words of congratulations and good wishes, and the number of enquries and visitors to my websites has rocketed. I'm especially pleased to see so many people wanting to find out more about my business!

My Bio

Mastermind Translations was set up in 2006 to meet the demand for professional Polish translation and communication services. Since then, I've helped dozens of businesses and organisations overcome the language barrier and achieve the success they deserve. From a niche lighting design studio to an iconic British luxury car brand — I’ve worked hard to facilitate my clients' communication in Polish so they could reach their full potential and thrive. Having worked in the UK, Poland, Indonesia, and most recently at the European Parliament in Luxembourg, I fully understand the challenges of doing business in the foreign markets and communicating across different cultures. However, I strongly believe a desire to succeed and prosper shouldn’t be confined by borders or halted by language issues. That’s why I always go the extra mile to deliver pragmatic, real solutions tailored to my clients’ specific needs. As a Polish Translation and Communication Specialist, I offer:

• Translation
• Localisation
• Transcreation
• Cultural Awareness Consultancy
• Multilingual Project Management

Please feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss together your Polish language needs and how I can help you.

…and please call me Kasia!

My Business Tips

Be passionate about what you do, work hard to turn your big dreams into reality, have confidence in yours skills and ideas, make progress by taking on new challenges, be kind to people, ...and go for a run when you feel frustrated!

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