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My Buzz

Extensive PR opportunities through local newspapers and additional credibility on Twitter

My Bio

Veronica Pullen is an Intuitive Marketing and Copywriting Mentor, helping coaches, trainers, service-providers and small business owners attract a reliably consistent flow of ideal client leads and sales from Facebook.

She has taught her unique Mile-Deep Marketing® method to thousands of business owners, helping them use their social media marketing personality type, strategically and effectively, to build relationships with their potential clients on Facebook so they generate more leads and sales from ideal clients.

Having been socialising, dating and networking online for 25+ years, she met her husband Bill through Facebook in 2008, they live-tweeted their wedding day in 2011 and several UK-based celebrities “attended” virtually – as did their cat.

Based on the 'royal' Isle of Wight, UK, her business now generates multi six-figure sales, operating entirely online.

My Business Tips

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