My Buzz

Winning #SBS early on gave me the confidence to shout about my business. It's given me great links with other small businesses and is continuing to give me new opportunities every day.

My Bio

A retail buyer by trade, I developed SPD and a back problem in pregnancy. Frustrated with the lack of fashionable and affordable nursing clothes, I developed MilkChic one-handed in evenings and naptimes, aiming to put the joy back into clothes shopping for breastfeeding mums.

My frustrations with fashion have developed into a little stable of niche fashion websites including (non-pink fashion for girls) and (clothes with sleeves).

My Business Tips

# Talk to everyone. If you think laterally there is always a way small businesses can help each other.
# Be generous with your time and help customers even when there is no obvious benefit. It will be worth it.
# Always be genuine and true to yourself.
# Try to do at least one thing every day that improves your business.

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