My Buzz

Becoming an SBS winner was very exciting for me! My follower count went up, traffic to my website doubled and traffic to my business blog went up five-fold. Generally, I think it has given my business credibility and made it more attractive to customers.

My Bio

I worked in television and radio as a researcher and producer in my twenties, then took time off to live abroad with my family (in California and Spain). I was inspired by meeting young entrepreneurs running start ups and when I returned to the UK with two young children I had a 'eureka' moment while searching for eco friendly products for them on the Internet. Although there were eco friendly clothes and products for children, a lot of them seemed to me to lack the 'wow' factor (things have changed since then!) and that inspired me to start my own online boutique showcasing great looking, sustainable design for kids. I've always been concerned about environmental issues and became even more so after having children - after all, it's their planet! - so I was determined to create a business that did not harm the environment and encouraged designers to work sustainably.

My Business Tips

Networking is key, both online and offline - you can come across opportunities you might never find otherwise.

You need to have a strong vision for your business, to help you make decisions further down the line.

Stay informed! I use tools like Google Analytics and constantly review my business' performance to see what I can improve.

It's all about your customers - put them first, and get to know them.

My Latest Offers

15% off your first order at - just use code SBS at checkout for discount on all our eco baby and kids clothes, gifts and more!

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