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#SBS has given us an incredible platform to showcase what we do. As a start up business it has provided a real boost in terms of raising awareness. Our Twitter feed has gone crazy and website traffic has doubled overnight!

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MonitorGO is a new kind of personal alarm for the elderly. Invented by Stephen Bradbury following his personal experiences of caring for his elderly relatives, he wanted a personal alarm that didn't restrict the user to their home, that would raise an alert even if the user was unconscious or had a fall and was unable to trigger it manually. He wanted tracking so that the user could always be found and he wanted a device that didn't carry the same stigma as a pendant alarm does. MonitorGO offers all these things and these features have never been combined in a single device before. A start-up company, MonitorGO only started trading in October 2014 but the response has been extremely positive with many people recognising the potential it has to change lives.

My Business Tips

If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right (shamelessly stolen from Henry Ford!).

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