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Moo Moo and Bear is a small independent online business for dogs, created in 2015 to provide the very best in handmade dog collars and accessories. No matter the shape, size or lifestyle of your dog, we have something to suit every occasion from city tailoring, country walks, and even muddy and water loving adventures. Being owned by two schnauzers and being socially conscious, we not only make beautiful dog accessories for all breeds of dog, but also have created our very own bespoke range of Charity goodies to help support a national charity Schnauzerfest, which helps provide funds for veterinary treatment for rescue schnauzers who have spent many years in puppy farms as a commodity.

My Bio

Nadia has two beautiful miniature schnauzers, who were the inspiration and name behind Moo Moo & Bear, an online dog business based in her garden studio right in the heart of Yorkshire. As part of a fabulous schnauzer community, she identified a creative avenue to raise funds for a charity and create a colourful collar corsage to be sold nationally to schnauzer owners wanting to support Schnauzerfest. Over the last 6 years the business run solely by Nadia has developed and grown, but has charity and the personal touch at the very heart of it.

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