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Mr Pocket Square was founded in 2013 & Relaunched in February 2015 by Sir Daniel C. Lewis & Lady Steph M. Waters.

With a background in textiles, fashion and business, we decided to re-launch the range following the love of Pocket Squares!

After researching the Pocket Squares available across many high street stores we found that the vast majority of them were uninspiring & repetitive.

We realised that we needed to offer designs that were not seen elsewhere. Allowing our customers to have that exclusive feeling when wearing a Pocket Square. We therefore design and source fabrics that are both exclusive and limited.

We believe that we have developed a range that will add personality to your desired look, with the confidence that you won't see them elsewhere.

From designing and sourcing fabrics to using highly skilled British craftsmen, we can ensure quality through our design and production. Giving our customers the quality they expect when buying handmade British products.

We are also looking at developing the most exclusive high end Mens Brand in Accessories & Beyond.

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