My Buzz

My twitter feed has never been so busy with lots of new followers and the hits to my website has gone sky high!

My Bio

Having been made redundant twice in 2012 I took what began as a hobby and have turned it into a full time thriving business.

Mrs L cards design and produce greetings cards plus personalised cards and prints. I call upon my 17 years graphic design experience to create fun and quirky designs with emphasis on special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and important birthdays as well as perfect family gifts.

I have also worked on a variety of commissions from posters to celebrate cycling achievements to heartfelt memorials. The majority of mrs L cards are sold online, the online nature of the business means mrs L cards products are sold to customers both in Britain and globally.

Alongside winning the #SBS award in March 2013 mrs L cards won the title of Best Home Based Business at the North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in November 2013.

My Business Tips

1. Go with your gut, if you think you can do it, you can
2. Never rest on your laurels
3. Always give the best possible customer service

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