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Little Changes Mean A Lot!!

We would love to see more people making small green changes in their daily life. The benefits of this to the planet and environment would be enormous. Something as simple as drinking from a reusable coffee cup makes a huge difference. Helping our customers to make these changes is amazing!

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow!!

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Hi everyone! Mrs Sparkle is on a mission to bring easy, affordable eco swaps to everyone. We have created a range of natural, zero waste, plastic saving, vegan and environmentally friendly home products.
Since starting our cleaning service in 2010, we identified a need for greener cleaning alternatives. Our aims are to provide health and environmental benefits and reduce landfill waste. Many of our products are zero waste and come in concentrated formulas which reduce the needless transportation of large amounts of water. We are most proud of our natural cleaning sticks which are tiny yet powerful and create 500ml of solution.
Our store has recently expanded to stock a variety of eco friendly items, the majority of which are made by other small businesses.
Thanks for reading and we hope you will join us on our green journey!
Nicky and Jay

My Business Tips

Do what you love - start a business that you believe in.

Identify a need for something and find a solution with your own personal twist.

Stick to your core values and beliefs.

Appreciate the good and the hard times - every experience is a lesson that you can learn from.

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