My Buzz

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm personally super passionate about nature and all it has to offer.

This love for our beautiful world is why I came up with this sustainable gift platform, to enable anyone and everyone to shop in good conscience. A positive step in the right direction for both our planet and our children!

My Bio

I've been incredibly fortunate to have worked in some of London's most exclusive stores... Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nicks and Liberty. My time there has definitely impacted how I run my business today. I gained so much valuable insight into how to build my business around the needs of a customer rather than the needs of the business itself.

Mucky Knees was born from my ongoing quest to find wholesome, educational and sustainable gifts for my two little rugrats, Dylan and Layla.

Creating a unique platform that makes sustainability fun and easy to shop for is the aim of the game. We do the research so busy parents don't have to!

We don't stock an endless range of nicknacks, only tried and tested products. All approved by Dylan and Layla!

My Business Tips

A tip for those looking to start a business. when is the right time? Honestly I'm not sure there is a "perfect" time. If you have an idea just go for it! You'll never regret taking that leap of faith, but you might regret not taking it.

A tip for those in business. Never underestimate the power of social media, making those connections with other business and potential customers. Make it part of you business strategy to get involved and put you business out there.

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