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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
It's early days yet, but straight away the social networking to other businesses and contacts happened immediately. I felt welcomed into a family rather than just a club, where everyone is as thrilled as you are.

My Bio

A Magickal Jewellery designer that takes inspiration from Nature and Mother Earth herself, Infusing my creative side with my spiritual side with Crystals and Gemstones for their magickal and medicinal correspondences.

Often I make one off pieces for my customers so they are bespoke to their daily lifestyles and needs. I take inspiration from the Mundane and ordinary and see the Magickal within.

I like to infuse healing and Reiki energies into each piece, as I’m a Reiki Healer level 3 in both Ushi and Angelic Reiki.

My Business Tips

Always remember you were a beginner once
Help and support others as you would want to be helped and supported
Have passion in what you do, and faith in yourself
Be positive, Act Positive, and Attract positivity to you

My Latest Offers

25% for all SBS Winners, just quote SBS25 at paypal and I will refund the different. Custom or Pre-made Jewellery on offer for SBS winners.

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