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Naturally Wrapt is here to make gift wrapping with Eco-friendly products easy and exciting...!

Whether you like it or not, it's time to keep the earth in mind when wrapping so everything you need to switch away from plastic and unsustainable wrapping is one place... Handy!

So plenty of goodies made from recycled paper, natural materials and loads of alternatives to use in place of single use plastic sticky tape. And wherever possible, made in the UK and EU to reduce our carbon footprint.

But that is not all...

Naturally Wrapt is hot on minimising the wrapping on the products too...
So no shrink wrap, unnecessary cardboard rolls for wrapping paper or highly branded packaging.... Or unnecessary packing from manufacturers.. I always ask.

And rest assured, your order (be it online or trade) will be shipped in ecofriendly packaging and of course, PLASTIC FREE!

So why not switch to more mindful wrapping? It's not going to stop climate change but a gradual shift towards reusing and being careful about our wrapping choices will help us begin our journey to living sustainably.

My Bio

Time to confess... I grew up in the countryside... on a pig farm. A lovely time to live with nature, learn to respect the countryside and enjoy and love the awesomeness of the earth.

The pork side of things was harsh, as was the destruction of the countryside for houses, roads, plastic turfed play areas... and as feared, the built up areas have reached the edges of the farm now.

Fast forward to Christmas 2018...

I had avoided glittery and foil wrapping (and the plastic coated stuff) and was feeling quite smug until I realised that plastic sticky tape was a single-use plastic.

Even the joyful act of giving had turned into an eco-UN-friendly act so I decided to act. If there was one thing we could do without plastic surely it is gift wrapping.

I thought the switch to sustainable, plastic free gift wrapping would be easy but eco-friendly products were scattered across the web, information was often sketchy and delivery charges mounted.... it was a challenge.

Once I was sorted, I found it was not enough. I wanted to make it easier for others to care for the environment whilst enjoying gift giving so I investigated setting up an online shop.

And now suddenly I am here. My simple, affordable, selection of eco-friendly wrapping materials (all in one place …. and with one delivery charge) is supplying trade and online customers and I have been lucky enough to be recognised by Theo Pathitis as a Small Business Sunday winner. This still hasn't sunk in by the way.

Plastic tape? You know where to stick it.

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