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Back to the grindstone after last weeks #SBS event! What an experience - be more confident next year that's for sure :)

Will be updating this during the week - but good few dozen followers within the first hour! Can see this weeks working schedule is out the window :)

14.08.13 enjoyed the fast and furious #SBSWinnershour last night. It was very fast paced and so some 16 hours later.... frantically going back to address everything (and one!) I missed last night. Very warm welcome into the fold - do hope the whole #SBS ethos of following other #SBS winners gets addressed, as surely it benefits us all, even if the particular product or service is not for you, when filters through other followers and then their followers....

My Bio

Newton Newton Flag & Banner Makers Ltd is a family business established in 1975.

There are approximately 350 flag traders and dealers within the UK. There are fewer more than 5 ‘traditional’ manufacturers, of which Newton Newton are leaders.

Though not claiming to be one of the biggest or oldest, we enjoy a reputation for producing high quality flags and banners to standards of grace and quality.

Handmade bespoke suppliers to most of HM Armed Forces, Government Departments, Global Corporations and Civic Authorities.

Our clientele include Apple, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Shakespeare's Globe, Many of The Worshipful Companies, Royal Mail. BP, Jet, Texaco, Shell, Total, Boots, First Choice Holidays. Pepsi, Holiday Inn, Royal British Legion as well as many trade unions, schools, colleges and universities both in this country and worldwide

My Business Tips

Product knowledge, prompt efficiency, passion. and determination is the key to business success.

Aim for the niche market.

Operate in a rural area. Low overheads.

Keep staff to a minimum. Carry no 'dead wood'. Value and treat employees well ensuring a low staff turnover.

Direct your business to the high echelons.

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