My Buzz

Not Your Average Party Bag specialises in excellent quality reusable party and gift bags. All bags are hand printed and can be pre-filled with gorgeous gifts - many of which have been handmade. With a focus on longevity, the bags and their gifts are destined for bedrooms - not bins.

Gift bags can be sent direct to the recipient, all bags can be personalised, and we cater for weddings, corporate events - and any cause for celebration!

My Bio

I'm Natalie, a Nottinghamshire mum to two little ones who has always loved events.

I've worked in Marketing & PR for the events industry for over 20 years, but it was having my children that brought about Not Your Average Party Bag.

From my daughter's very first birthday I went to great lengths to plan a birthday party that followed a theme, with decorations (and even food!) to match. I realised that I spent a great deal of time creating party bags that my guests (or more specifically the parents of my guests!) - would be delighted to receive. I filled the bags with board books, stationary and personalised chocolates. I had no desire to give-away a bag of plastic 'tat', that would ultimately just end up in the bin.

The bags went down a storm and a precedent for future parties was set! Over the years I continued to create and fill party bags with a strong emphasis on reusability and realised, from talking to other parents that there was a market out there.

So here we are today! Providing party and gift bags that are reusable, and if required full of excellent quality gifts that will last far beyond the candles being blown out!

My Business Tips

Don't be afraid to change.
Be willing to adapt as your market (or the world!) changes.