My Buzz

Helping children with autism/additional needs and their families warms my heart every day. Every book received into a home or school, gives me a real BUZZ knowing that I have helped in some way, whether that be reassurance, positive encouragement or even having helped opened up the lines of communication with an adult for them. I love what I do, I feel the passion for helping children socially and emotionally all the time.. wherever I am. it is part of who I am.

My Bio

HI. I'm Nikki, I live in Suffolk and have two children. I initially wrote a social story for my son to help understand what autism was. It brought us so much connection and understanding that we published this to help other children too! We then called it "My Awesome Autism".
I also wrote, "My Friend Eddie" for classmates and siblings to understand autism.
"Mistakes Are Cool" for finding the positive in a situation.
"I'm Going To School" Transition Workbook - helping children with ASD transition to school.
All available on Amazon/Austin Macauley (My Awesome Autism)

My Business Tips

I really believe that if you can help others or supply a need in the world, then you have that opportunity to be successful. When you get inspiration you must act, it's when we do not act that we ask ourselves "why didn't that happen?"

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