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My Buzz

Buzzing after the recent #SBS event. Feeling inspired after hearing Theo speak and excited about the prospect of the #SBSangels

My Bio

We set up Occasional Assistants last year after both finding we were unable to return to our previous jobs after having children.
Freelancing worked for us and we're passionate about introducing it as a realistic option for people who are unable or unwilling to work in a more traditional manner. There's an army of experienced and capable individuals out there who can't work in a contracted or full time role but whose skill-set is immense. We want to help them back to work by advertising their services in one giant free-to-access online database.
With the economic climate as it is, we have identified so many small businesses who may not yet be ready to take on permanent staff but who would benefit from an experienced marketeer / book-keeper / admin assistant who they can call on as and when the need arises. Better still, we don't charge any agency fees so they're free to contact their Occasional Assistant directly, with no additional costs.

My Business Tips

Hard work, perseverance and positivity.

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