My Buzz

Welcome to Oceanpony Crafts, a one woman enterprise from West Sussex who make all sorts of lovely things from stained glass, seaglass, driftwood and the occasional pompom. Home to Crazy Birds, a 2020 moral phenomenon which has also now migrated to Europe and the USA.

My Bio

Welcome to my bio. I’m Rachel. I’m originally from Buckinghamshire, I currently live in West Sussex.

I have always loved crafting and can knock up anything if needed from a toilet roll and some glue! My little enterprise came about after developing severe anxiety in 2018 and while waiting for a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in 2019, I found crafting took my mind off it. It is an amazing therapy! However, I made so much stuff, that I took the plunge to see if I could sell it! I signed up for a few christmas fairs and was surprised at how successful they were. The game changer was doing a 10 week stained glass evening course at the end of 2019. I originally did it to learn a new skill but after the events of 2020, that changed. I was job hunting when Lockdown 1 started so I started making more things and after joining Twitter, it all took off. Selling volumes increased and joining Etsy in July 2020 sent me global. Nearly 600 sales in my first 5 months and now the world is my oyster!

My Business Tips

Have a sense of humour. It really helps.
Don’t take things personally.
Give things a go and if they don’t work, tweak it until you are happy. Feedback is important regardless of how harsh it is.

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