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We were not expecting this at all. I just sat down for my tea and my email notifications starting going crazy!
We have been completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from our Twitter followers.
Thank you to everyone who has re-tweeted us over the past 24 hours, what an exciting week ahead!

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At Ogden Fulfilment our storage, Picking, packaging and delivery services are tailored to suit your business and our bespoke, helpful, hands on approach to suit your personal business needs.

Our partnership with you allows you to treat us as a direct cost investment rather than as a draining overhead.

We provide you with a spacious warehouse, with trained staff operating modern pallet and forklift equipment, as well as the number of quality pickers your job requires.

Our facilities are secure; CCTV and fire protected and are in operation around the clock, providing you with the piece of mind for your stock that you require.

With over 130 years of delivery experience, we can also supply or source the particular packaging solution for each product you want to deliver.

Ideally located near Bradford in West Yorkshire, and well experienced with local, regional, national and over seas delivery, from single boxes to full loads, we also have the delivery service suitable for your needs now and into the future.

Our key feature is that we work very closely on a bespoke nature with our clients and are able to integrate with them to offer an individually tailored service that exactly fits their requirements.
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My Business Tips

Never give up! Next time it could be you!
You spend so much time at work, spend it doing something you love!
Don't disregard your smaller clients, you never know how big they will grow into if you work together.

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