My Buzz

Creativity is good for the soul - Team that with a worthy cause, build a business and be happy... I'm passionate about reducing homelessness after working on a mobile soup kitchen project. Crazy cat lady, walking fan and baker in my spare time!

My Bio

Thirty something-year-old wife, step mum, cat mummy and Auntie Gem Gems. After my career in retail was halted by unexpected mobility and subsequent mental health issues, I soul searched and in taking some time out discovered an inspired mobile soup kitchen project. Meeting some amazing people in heart-wrenching situations, with such little 'want' I felt that more needed to be done. Combining a love of creativity & a collection of maps I had, I decided that getting people off the street and in accommodation with support was the way forward. I now support those projects, doing so by putting people On The Map creating unique mapworks to map a story. Unique, hand made creative gifts for all celebrations and journeys. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be On The Map.

My Business Tips

Just keep going!
You have to look back to look forward.

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