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We have received lots of great messages over the past couple of day and this has engaged our current following also. We took part in #sbswinnershour which was great for meeting people in the #sbsfamily which is great because our business is built on social collaboration on Twitter. The #SBS winners are the businesses that would really benefit from using One Minute Briefs to get their great products and services seen socially.

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What we do?
We are changing the way people think about advertising and believe that our One Minute Briefs concept changes the way people work, especially as social media is the key portal for communicating these ideas and getting a brands message across. This way of thinking can benefit the creative industry whilst also being great fun as it forces you to rely on your creative instinct.

Why do we do it?
We believe that exposure, engagement and experiences need to be intertwined as the world becomes more and more social with the use of technology. One of these alone is not good enough to engage an audience to it’s full potential. Our own experience of this comes from a concept we created a couple of years ago that is built on user generated content. This engages people whilst giving them experience and exposure at the same time. This is the opposite to what you’d expect as usually it’s all about the brand. However, by making it about the people, it engages and content is created for the brand you set a brief for. This is a win-win situation for all as everyone benefits from it and it becomes a successful creative and media campaign because it creates mass content and shares from little or no budget. Targeting a creative audience means that great ideas are being produced which people can use for their own personal portfolios, training and confidence whilst brands receive exposure from the content that is created.

How do we do it?
With One Minute Briefs, we utilise Twitter as our main platform to share fantastic and fun ideas that are produced from constant engagement and user generated content. This is created and shared virally by followers from the creative industry and us. These ideas are shared daily and reach thousands of people in a very short period of time so it is a great way to advertise brands quickly and effectively in daily social media campaigns. The results of this are proven time and time again as the interactivity levels for brands via social media go through the roof and they build a great body of sharable content too. There is no other way of getting so much creative content this quickly to be shared across the net. This makes it a good tool for response advertising.

How do brands benefit?
One Minute Briefs has grown at an amazing rate on Twitter and become hugely interactive with thousands of views, posts and shares. Not only is it hugely viral but also the perfect platform to submit and receive feedback on quick ideas, while also pushing ideas in front of brands and making a difference across the world for good causes and topical issues. It has also become a brilliant educational tool for young creatives and a way for older creatives to get some confidence back in their ideas.

What are the results?
As well as being a great social network for creatives, it is also great social networking for brands such as Ovo Energy, The Lad Bible, Lucozade, Peta. Plus, smaller businesses and charities benefit immensely from One Minute Briefs. It is daily so it comes without the expense of an advertising agency to create content. The content is created by people in a creative industry so the ideas are good and sharable. An average of 100 pieces of user generated content are created each day in response to our brief. These are then shared directly from people’s accounts to us. On average people have 208 followers on Twitter. Therefore, each of the entries can potentially reach over 20,000 users from this alone. That is without us re-tweeting them to our 6,600 followers. The same users then Retweet our posts of content from other people and we get a huge amount of retweets per day. This means thousands more people are seeing the content. And the great thing is that the content isn’t meaningless…it’s actually advertising the brand or service so it is raising awareness of the brand and putting it in front of a huge amount of people in a very short space of time, which you simply could not do with any other campaign without paying an absolute fortune in agency fees and concept time. Some of the ideas can then be used for future communications too which means brands can avoid expense further down the line too. Our campaigns often go viral and get exposure across the world and put in front of hundreds of thousands of people in one way or another. Celebrities also share content sometimes which gets shared by their followers. These people have tens and even hundreds of thousands of people following them and when their followers start sharing too you can only imagine the numbers it can reach and how far one piece of content created in only one minute could go. People write blogs about the content, articles are written in newspapers and on websites about the content. It is all extra advertising for the brand or product and it’s a great risk free platform to be able to create a quick, successful social media campaign.

How do we benefit?
One Minute Briefs has come a long way, in a short space of time, as we have performed talks and workshops at various events such as The Art of New Business at LBi London, Freshtival, D&AD and Manchester Talent Day. Most recently we spoke at the BBC Promax UK event on the same card as Sir John Hegarty and legendary director Tony Kaye. Not only have we been given these incredible opportunities, but also as a result of them we’ve gained exposure across the world as well as being featured in The Drum, New York Times and Buzzfeed. This all helps to build content that feeds back into creating an engaging and interactive Twitter feed. Having a physical and a social online presence makes us very approachable and we have met a lot of our followers as a result and made a lot of real friends from it. We feel that this is an important part in it being a social network for like minded creatives.

What does the future hold for One Minute Briefs?
Social media changes so quickly that we always look to adapt and better the way OMB works. One thing we do say is that you must keep a close eye on all changes and how these can be adapted to make sure you never get left behind.
Social media will have an increasingly powerful role on all world issues, news and advertising. It is time to start using it to it’s full potential. Exposure, engagement and experience can be a two-way thing between brand and customer. One Minute Briefs is the platform to make this happen.

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It is very important to engage your customers and not just see them as another number. If you can get to know them on a personal level you are much more likely to engage with your audience. This will endear people to your product. A great way to do this is through social media. One Minute Briefs has been built on rewarding people for their creativity and providing a platform where people can express themselves and improve their skills. This also means brands can benefit from great user generated content. Another big tip is to make sure you all collaborate with us and use @OneMinuteBriefs to create fun, far-reaching social campaigns.

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