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What an amazing surprise to be invited into the #SBS family! Winning SBS has reinvigorated our passion for our product and really boosted our confidence in what we are trying to achieve.

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OneTap Promotions is an exciting new business specialising in the up and coming Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Our first innovation is the Contactless Business Card. All it takes is one tap of our cards on an NFC-enabled smartphone to transfer all your contact details wirelessly!

OneTap was formed to kickstart a developing trend in the way we network professionally in day-to-day business, by using contactless technology and a market-leading online platform we are able to provide an effective and all round easier approach to networking in business. Simply tap a OneTap card against any smartphone and up pops your profile, giving the user access to a whole host of your rich digital content and most importantly your contact details; directly in their address book.

OneTap was founded in the summer of 2012 by three graduates of the University of Portsmouth. Our product and service was built entirely from scratch and was one of the first of its kind in the world. Today we are continuing to innovate and provide our service to businesses in the UK and across the world. OneTap goes from strength to strength as we grow and widen our innovative product offering, keep check on our website and social media to see how you too can be a part of the next big thing...

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Tweet Theo every week for SBS. Don't give up! We didn't.

Understand and focus on a specific market. Don't try to appeal to "everyone" in the beginning.

When developing a new product test it in the market as soon as possible. Don't wait for it to be perfect. Get feedback from real customers and adapt your product as you go along.

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