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Public speaking training to help you grow in confidence, willingness, and ability to present and speak in front of others and see the doors you can open!

"Open more doors by sharing your knowledge, skills, & passion with people who may not even know what you or your organisation have to offer."


  • Having the confidence to regularly share your knowledge, skills, experiences and passions in presentations, meetings, and training courses.
  • Having the confidence that you will get that information over in the best possible way, and to feel comfortable that you are being YOU rather than wearing a mask!
  • Being able to empower others with your information, and to see the results that you or your organisation can gain from that.
  • Enjoy knowing that those “nerves” are excitement turned inside out and is the adrenaline to both make you perform and confirm that you are achieving something more than just going through the motions.
  • Change your mindset from deliberately "being a presenter", to having a conversation with your audience, and seeing the results for yourself!


If you are watching others win, secure more business, or gain more recognition than you do and deserve, have you noticed how many more times their voice is being heard by others compared to you?

So many people fall into either “won’t talk” or “can’t talk” and miss the possibilities or miss the mark! So, you need to make sure that those who could make decisions that may impact your progress, opportunities, successes, sales, and achievements never accidentally overlook you due to not knowing or appreciating what knowledge, skills, qualities, experiences, passion, and the impact you or your products/services could bring to the table.

If they hear you, they may still choose not to open the door. But if they don’t hear what you have to share then you will never know what could lay behind it! If you want to make sure and never think “what if?”, Open Dawes Training’s "COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO REMOVE LIMITS" public speaking coaching and presentation skills training is the opportunity for you to bust down more doors!

The Open Dawes training and development is available for everyone, whether it is face-to-face presentation skills in small groups within your organisation, one-to-one in person or via video conference, or even online programmes with the full course available via web browser and the mobile app in 10 modules of video/audio lessons, practical exercises, and mentoring groups.


This is why we passionately believe that it is not about chasing a mythical blueprint of a "presenter", but about us all being the best versions of ourselves when we are sharing our knowledge, skills, experiences, passions, and products or services, and being prepared to do it more often! It can open doors for both you, and your audiences!

Public speaking or communication skills are "soft skills" that give your core skills a voice!

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Speaking confidently in front of others may open doors you don’t even know exist!

It was a battle with nerves that led to the founding of Open Dawes Training. By overcoming his nerves and building a successful career, where having great public speaking and presentation skills were vital, Chris Dawes was inspired to pass his knowledge on to others and set up the company.

Chris would never have believed that by conquering the nerves and finetuning his ability to give business IT presentations (and training sales teams to do the same) he would land a dream role. Because Chris’s other passion is motorsports, and he still can’t quite believe that he’s paid to commentate on his favourite sport, be a Master of Ceremony at a wide variety of events, and present on TV and Radio. Chris is also a voiceover artist – so you may have heard him even if you’ve not yet met him. ( to find out more)

Chris’s story shows that anything is possible. So, if you aspire to be a confident public speaker. have greater presence and communication skills in meetings/interviews, or need presenter or media training, the team at Open Dawes Training are here to help. Our programmes are created from our unique mix of expertise in business and the media.

My Business Tips

TIP 1: It is not about the absence of nerves, but about removing the unnecessary sources of nerves with changed perspectives, and then understanding the remaining ones and using the adrenaline of them to your advantage.

Tip 2: It is not a presentation, but a conversation!  If you try to be a presenter, you will change the tone, physical delivery, and pressure on yourself.  But if you relax and have a conversation with your audience about the information you want to share, it will feel a lot easier to do and be received a lot better.

Tip 3: SLOW DOWN & TAKE PAUSES!  Whether it is too many umm's and errs or tripping over your words, the speed of your speaking will be the main cause of this!  If you slow down and allow yourself to pause and think silently, you will always have your brain ahead of your mouth, and be more in control of what you are saying.  Personally, I have this down as my number 1 tip to make an instant difference, not only to delivery but its impact from and on nerves.

Tip 4: SCRAP THE SCRIPT! There is more for you to forget, and will stifle your personality shining through!  Create a bullet list of the points you want to cover (not sentences!), and then allow yourself to deliver those points in your style and with your own sizzle around them to bring them to life.

Tips 5: The two most important parts of a presentation are the start and end.  Once you have come up with the content, don't stop there!  Come up with a high-impact, attention-grabbing, and context/importance setting opening that also enables you to control your emotions/nerves at the part with the most pressure. Then create a high-impact closing with relevant calls to action and/or summaries. Don't just start with your name and don't just finish with questions, as you want them focused and leaving the room as buzzing as your information deserves.

My Latest Offers

15 Ways to Tackle Your Nerves - 15 Part Video Training Product

Special offer - £60 off! (£37 instead of £97)

At Open Dawes Training, the ethos is that it is not about the absence of nerves, but about understanding their sources and authenticity; changing the perspective of some of them; then managing and using the adrenaline of the remaining ones to your advantage.

This training product addresses the 15 key sources of nerves that we have identified in detail and provides the answers, tricks of the mind, perspective changes, or ways to manage them before, during, or after you speak or present in front of others.

Help yourself to grow in confidence, willingness, and skills to speak in public, to give your core skills a voice, and to open doors that you may not have even known existed!

Following an introduction (video previewed above) from Chris Dawes - founder and creator of Open Dawes Training Ltd, the video training modules included in this online training product are:

  1. The Script
  2. Being Wrong
  3. Past Failures
  4. Judged
  5. Appearing Nervous
  6. Wrong effect
  7. Too many/too few
  8. Preparation
  9. Narcissism
  10. Breathing
  11. Comparing
  12. Adrenaline
  13. Interaction
  14. Hierarchy
  15. People you know