My Buzz

I enable your target market to see just how good you are at what you do and to understand how valuable you will be to them.

I'm a graphic designer working to help my clients to grow and develop their businesses. The type of work I do includes logo design and branding, stationery and printed literature, PDF brochures, pull-up banners and websites.

I work with clients across a wide range of sectors, but have particular experience in the arts/classical music, education/training and business services.

My Bio

I set Opus up in 2007 after having spent the best part of the previous decade working for a number of design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester. Throughout my career I've worked for a wide range of clients including some big, well-known names, but it's actually smaller businesses that I enjoy working with most - ones where I can make some form of contribution to the growth and development of that company.

Graphic design isn't about making things look pretty or using whatever design trends are the latest fad. It has to go far deeper than that if it is to be effective. In order to create an effective design it's necessary to fully understand how a client works and what they are wanting to achieve. The ability to listen and understand what is required is just as important as the skills required to create great design work. What is your target audience? Who they are looking to attract? What message do you wish them to receive? What action do you wish them to take? What information do they need in order for them to do that? What can we achieve within the available budget?

My approach is therefore to work almost in partnership with my clients, taking on board their views, experience and insights, but also bringing my experience of design and communication into the conversation, advising them on the different routes that we can consider, and identifying the most appropriate option to take.

My Business Tips

Network in whatever way works for you.

Have your goals and a plan for how to get there, but be prepared to be flexible with the route.

Don't get distracted by the enjoyable and exciting stuff at the expense of the more important yet daunting or boring tasks.

Just get on with it.

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