My Buzz

#SBS has opened up a whole community of like minded small business owners. My fellow winners have helped me with finding great deals on suppliers as well as pepping me up on a hard day.
I cannot tell you the sense of belonging that I have got (pretty important when you work on your own) from being an #SBS winner.
It is also inspiring to know that someone like Theo has and is paying a bit of interest to your teeny little empire.
I had never put together a Press Release but #SBS winners were there to give me a helping hand - invaluable!

My Bio

As a wife and busy Mum to two gorgeous girls (7 and 4) whose idea of a fun afternoon is definitely NOT looking around the shops, I wanted to be able to find and buy fabulous things for friends, family and my home without trudging round the same shops, seeing the same things and never finding what I wanted.

I am lucky enough to have a large extended (and very artistic) family, who have all had input into this website and the beautiful gifts and “homey” things that have been chosen, so there should be something here to suit all ages, tastes and purses.

I have tried where possible to do business with creative people here in the UK. I also ensure that I buy from companies who are ethical in the way they work with their suppliers from around the world. I am really excited about the products that we have found.

In my family whenever we give it is always “Out of Love”, is there really any other way?

Shopping made simple, we want you to find something gorgeous to look at, something beautiful to fall in love with and something to wish for - all from the comfort of your home and delivered to your door!
Company Overview

My Business Tips

Prepare to work longer hours than you ever dreamed of but be prepared to reap the rewards in many ways (not just financially).
Talk to people, all kinds of people, you never know who you are helping out and when the favour might be returned.
Treat people the way that you would want to be treated.
Always look at the bottom line!
Learn from others triumphs and mistakes.
Go for it!

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