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Within two hours of becoming a #SBS winner on 29/07/2013 Twitter interactions have gone through the roof and new traffic has been driven to my website. Lot's of new followers. It's very exciting!

My Bio

Paleamber is a London based, French Polishing and Bespoke Furniture family-run business. We have over thirty years experience in the art of wood finishing and furniture, working on both private commissions and commercial projects. We build and hand finish bespoke solid furniture, with the help of expert carpenters. Over the years we have worked for a huge array of clients ranging from museums, banks, legal practices and hotels to private residential, offices and embassies.

Traditionally known for our French polishing services, we use only the highest quality materials and techniques. Paleamber's polishing services set us apart from other furniture makers, not only in the quality of the finishes we apply but also in the options we offer. Paleamber can take your finish to any sheen you desire, from cool matt, through to classy satin or lustrous gloss. You don’t need to be limited by the colour of the timber, we can stain and shade the timber to almost any colour. If darker timbers are out of budget then we can build with a quality light timber and stain to perfectly match a dark timber.

Our furniture is built to last. Colours deepen and become richer, improving over time. Paleamber choose traditional techniques over the majority of new finishes available, not merely for nostalgic reasons but rather to maintain what are unquestionably the best and most effective ways of achieving a great wood finish. These techniques have taken hundreds of years to perfect, and when compared to new ones, are shown to be far superior.

As a family run business we are completely independent of any corporate overheads or influences; our focus is on providing the best wood finishes and building the finest furniture for our customers.

We provide a full range of wood finishing and furniture building services.

At Paleamber we make sure our impact on the environment is minimal and carry out all of our work with this in mind. We make certain that a high percentage of our work is the restoration and repair of wood products, rather than all new wood. We help ensure that non-sustainable wood, particularly hard woods, are retained as the treasures that they are.

We are careful about the materials and products we use:
We use French polish as our finishing product of choice, so try to use it instead of any other product. Unlike Lacquers and most other finishes, it’s a product made of natural ingredients, Shellac and pure alcohol.
We use water-based rather than oil or solvent-based products where possible.
When polishing floors we use water-borne lacquers.
All our colours are from natural pigments.
We will always try to advise our customers to repair and restore their wood products, rather than replace them with new items.

My Business Tips

Don't be afraid to stay small.

Never compromise on quality.

Word of mouth recommendation is your most powerful marketing tool.

Be patient.

Do what you love and remember why you started it.

Try to be environmentally friendly as much as possible in your business approach.

Use social media channels to their best effect.

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