My Buzz

Paloule produces unique Spaghetti Scarves in many colour palettes and in three different designs, long,midi and pendants.The long scarf can be worn in a variety different ways, to suit any outfit or mood.The range and colours are updated every season when I discover new fabric and materials and each scarf is individually made for the customer.
They are suitable for all age groups of woman, men and children and suitable for all types of weather. They are cool in the summer months as they are made from 100% washable cotton and warm and cosy in the cold months.
Customers have purchased them from all over the globe, with many repeat orders, after the compliments and feedback they have received on wearing the scarves.

My Bio

I attended Hartlepool College of Art in the 1970's and always had a love of mixing textures, colours and textiles in the making of my own clothes and accessories.
When wearing my many creations, I was often stopped by people who wanted to know where I had purchased them, especially my unique Spaghetti Scarves, that were made from recycled clothing.
On Taking redundancy from my long service in the airline industry I came up with the concept of a re-make on my original design of scarves, experimenting using new materials, improved fabrics, yarns and beads.
I started selling them at retail shows over 10 years ago and this year went into wholesaling them to shops.

My Business Tips

Be passionate about your business and then customers will appreciate you and your products in return.
It is hard work being self employed but it does pay off eventually and will motivate you even more when you become successful.
Treat every customer and order as if it’s your first.
Always work on new ideas and creations to keep your clients interested and excited.

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