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Panda and the Sparrow offer a unique range of organic bamboo baby clothes and gifts.
We offer you all of bamboo’s natural eco credentials as well as fun and functional design. We aim to make kids clothing that says a lot about you and what you care about. Pieces that not only look great but are also easy for your kids to wear.

Here at Panda and the Sparrow we love bamboo – not only is it the fastest growing plant in the world it also produces fabric with incredible qualities that make it just perfect for kids clothing.
What makes it REALLY great is:

it’s as soft as cashmere,
it’s naturally hypoallergenic,
it’s thermo regulating,
it’s UV resistant,
it’s breathable,
it’s absorbent.

My Bio

We are Judith and Amanda and after many years working hard as Directors for businesses including Whistles, House of Fraser and Warehouse we decided it was time to do it for ourselves….

When clothing our own kids we discovered the amazing properties of bamboo – Amanda’s son Frankie suffered from eczema, bamboo sleepwear really seemed to help. BUT it was really hard to get hold of bamboo kids clothing and when she did most of the styles were really boring…… Panda and the Sparrow was born.

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