My Buzz is our online website for our central London antique clocks shop Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd. It has been a fantastic experience winning Theo's #SBS for August 2014 for our antique clock business Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd. To be noticed by the great man himself is amazing. It makes all our hard work worthwhile.

My Bio

My father Roy Clements started our family antique clocks business Coppelia Antiques ( after leaving industry in the 1970's. He was the antique clocks editor for Millers Antiques Price Guide up to 1984. For all my life I have grown up with antiques and antique clocks in particular, I love them. They certainly make me tick ! We have our own workshop in Cheshire where we restore antique clocks for our London shop Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd ( and offer an antique clock and furniture restoration service. I have been full time in the family business since obtaining a 2.1 Hons in Business Studies and Chemistry at U.M.I.S.T over 20 years ago. The business has grown at a steady rate over the years and it is now one of the foremost antique clocks business's in the world. We have appeared in the national press like the Sunday Times and on national TV. We specialize in antique grandfather clocks and antique bracket clocks but we also offer a superb selection of antique furniture and other items. All our items come with a proper money back guarantee they are genuine antiques and they are sympathetically restored to the highest standards.

My Business Tips

At Pendulum of Mayfair we first and foremost look after our customers. You need a great website or retail premises. Follow your heart. If you love what you do, this is the most important aspect in delivering happiness for yourself and a successful business in the process.

My Latest Offers

10% off all antique clock ticket prices on our website available to all #SBS winners

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