My Buzz

Hello, let me introduce myself to you. I am Lorna Ive, a menovist, founder of and a social media strategist.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my role for the last 20 years as the
My Duties included:

Home and lifestyle curator
Family management
Head Chef
Managing public purse
Personal shopper
Dog Walker

When I am not looking down a social media rabbit hole, you can find me spinning, taking a barre, yoga or HIIT class. I am passionate about exercise and sport. During lockdown I have rediscovered my joy of running and a childhood hobby - ballet!
I try to exercise every day, looking after my bones, heart health and getting those all important happy hormones!!
I have a passion for sport and exercise, as a child I trained in gymnastics from the age of 5-15 and reached professional competing level for floor and vault.

My other passion is music, I now absolutely love country music, it’s my thing! I would like to visit Nashville one day.

I am also a volunteer Youthworker at my local Youth Group, as trained teaching assistant I wanted to give back to my local community.

I am a gin enthusiast and a connoisseur of aperol spritz!! A fan of peaky blinders too.

Not many people know this about me;

I auditioned for a part in Grange Hill!
I was a finalist in the first ever Ms Great Britain 2020!!!
It was the best experience I have ever done! I am now a signed up member of the pageant famalam world and wished I had started earlier.
My daily mantra - “Smile and the world smiles back at you”

My Bio

I am lorna ive media, founder of A specialist in women’s health and wellbeing.
PeriMenoPost is a live grassroots campaign to raise awareness and to start conversations surrounding the word menopause #UndoTheMenotaboo
I began my campaign due to my own personal experience of early menopause and I wanted to create a space for women to not feel alone and to have access to correct information.

PeriMenoPost has now become an online digital resource for women to access information and to provide support within our online community. Ensuring help, support and empowerment to all women during all stages of menopause.

The audience is mostly women, aged between 45-54 with some following from 18-30 years too. PeriMenoPost offers women a safe, non judgmental environment to obtain information and support for early menopause, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause.

PeriMenoPost Members Club -

To provide menopause brands/services;

Marketing to a bespoke audience of PeriMenoPost followers.
The opportunity to write a column three times a year within
To be a featured contributor - offering expert advice and services.
Meet Mighty Menos - at present virtual meet ups online - public speak to exclusive facebook group.
Social media LIVES/Twiter Hours
1:1 Access to myself and exclusive Facebook group

Meet Mighty Menos - Currently virtual meet up’s - a place to talk all things menopause.
Post covid, events to be held with plan for ambassadors or perimenopost to host events around the UK.

Menopause Friendly workshops - Workshops with myself within the workplace, helping employees and employers to understand the symptoms of menopause and how to manage whilst working. Workshops for social settings also.

PeriMenoPost Podcasts - Season 1 podcasts were launched 1st April 2020 just as lockdown began. The pods offer a broad range of real life menopause stories, everyones story is different with expert help, support and advice. Season 2 is nearly finished and will be launching 1st Sept 2020!

You can access PeriMenoPost across social media with regular blogs and organic content and curated content to support the community.

Join the PeriMenoPost community!

Please take a look around the website, if you have any questions or suggestions they would be gratefully received!

@perimenopost - instagram
@Perimenopost - facebook
@PeriMenoPost - Twitter
@Perimenopost - you-tube
@Perimenopost - pinterest



My Business Tips

Believe in yourself!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone, just do it!

Do not procrastinate

Get yourself out there, tell everyone about your business!

Plan and set yourself a routine especially working from home.

Keep learning and staying on top of your industry.

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