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Your pet, whether it is your working dog, cuddly cat or terrific tortoise, is your priority and at Pet First Aid they are our priority too.
Our courses help pet owners to be prepared in an emergency or accident situation, before veterinary treatment is available.
We also provide pet care and first aid courses to help you ensure the well being and health of your pet.
At Pet First Aid we encourage all animal owners to register their pet and to build a good rapport with their vet, who is their animal's best friend in sickness and in health.
All of our courses are available across a range of venues and destinations in the UK. Visit the Course Dates & Book Now page on our website for details of course dates and venues in 2018. if you don't see a date or venue suitable for you, contact me - Jane - and we can arrange something together.

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Hi, I'm Jane, founder of Pet-First-Aid. I love animals and over the years have had many varieties: dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, mice and a lizard. I currently have 2 dogs, a bearded dragon called Steve - the joys of having a 10yr old son.

I set up Pet First Aid to encourage pet care professionals and pet owners to be the very best that they can be and look after their animal friends the best they can. Knowing how to carry out first aid on your pet, should they ever need it, gives you extra confidence as an owner and a sense of pride.
i am currently developing further animal courses and qualifications to help pet businesses setting up.

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