My Buzz

As a tenacious, disciplined, driven and cheerful individual, I relish running a successful and busy business and, thrive on maintaining the standards and reputation I work hard every day to achieve.

My Bio

Hi, my name is Zita and I developed my business after years of working in the private sector and, realising that I wanted to immerse myself in my passion - animals and the outdoors!

Throughout my years in the private sector, I assimilated and embraced varying skills which have all been transferrable from one position to another. I am strong in my convictions that these skills have provided me with the capability, aptitude and courage to run my own business with clear objectives and proven results.

Since its inception in 2003, Pet Patrol 365 has earned a first-class reputation for flexible dog adventure and pet care solutions. Going that extra mile, combined with years of experience means my clients can relax, knowing even the smallest details are being taken care of. Building close, trusting, long-term relationships with all the pets and owners, I adapt tailor-made solutions to fit changing needs. The business has grown through recommendations from clients, veterinary practices, advertising, publishing a monthly pet column and running events/dog shows.

I was honoured with a Customer Service Award in March 2015 after being nominated by scores of clients and, winning was an incredible way in which to thank my clients for their continued support, for having confidence in the services that I provide and for entrusting me with their much loved pets. It was truly amazing to be recognised for my efforts.

My Business Tips

Set targets! I set myself weekly, monthly and annual targets for marketing strategies and sales development and, measure these by the sustainable rate that my business has grown. Year on year I have shown an increase in not only customer base but, both profit and turnover.

Provide fabulous customer service & satisfaction! I have a trusted reputation for excellent service and expert knowledge and always show a willingness to learn. My aim is to retain and encourage increased business by efficiently anticipating and satisfying client needs. I pride myself on my trustworthiness and integrity; being friendly, approachable and a good listener; and ensuring my clients receive the highest level of confidentiality at all times. My range of pet care solutions is continually developing, but never at the risk of diluting the excellent level of care Iโ€™m committed to providing for every pet and animal in my care.

Remember to communicate! I communicate with my clients on a regular and, sometimes daily basis. Therefore, Iโ€™m in a position to anticipate and correct, if necessary, any issues that arise in a timely manner. The unique relationship I have with my clients enables me to meet with them for coffee, dog walk or even lunch or supper. This gives me the perfect opportunity to ascertain whether they have any issues in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. To date, my approach has been a terrific tool for measurability. Over the years I have acquired scores of contented testimonials highlighting the implicit trust my clients have in me.

Network, network, network! I provide a networking and referral system within the pet care community. Thus, have an established target audience to help spread the message and become animal advocates.

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