My Buzz

The 'Pink' in Pink Link Networking sums up what I aim to do; Work with women who are Passionate about business, who Inspire women in to enterprise, build strong Networks and share their Knowledge.

For me it’s all about working with women in enterprise; to help, support, connect and encourage business growth of the female business sector.

My Bio

Pink Link, a company dedicated to promoting female enterprise through our website, networks, events, social media and awards. Coral created the network after listening to feedback from ladies about what they wanted in their networking groups.

Pink Link networking groups are membership based and offer a friendly and inclusive environment for women to connect. The ethos of the network is that all are welcome regardless of sector and that everyone is made to feel included. It’s not all about referral's, but also confidence, improving networking skills, gaining knowledge and making new connections who are like minded. Book a free first visit and find out how Pink Link can give your business a boost.

My Business Tips

- Be your brand
- Put your personality into your business
- Marketing, sales and cash flow are key, manage them all
- Listen to your customers
- Build a team that love your brand and love them for it
- Keep ahead of your competitor’s
- Innovate, create, be unique
- Have heart at the centre of your business
- Have a goal to work towards
- Get a good accountant
- Smile even when you want to cry

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