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How many times have you cried out in despair: “There simply aren’t enough hours in the day!”?

Well, now you’ve found us, you can heave a sigh of relief, as we are here to help. Nothing more, nothing less; we are quite simply that 25th hour busy people like you so badly need.

We offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective business and
lifestyle management service; with personal assistant and virtual assistant services nationwide: think of us as your personal PA
– a time management solution for both your business, and domestic, challenges.

At Pink Spaghetti we unravel the bitty, time-consuming small stuff, giving you time to sort the big stuff and enjoy life.

My Bio

14th March 2017.

I am sat in my living room with my 10 month old son. He is on the floor happily playing with a toy and I am on my laptop. This is not a situation I could foresee not so long ago.

A year ago I had a career in London and was days away from the start of my maternity leave. I found my job quite stressful at times and had fleetingly thought about what I would do when the time came for me to return to work.

Fast forward to November 2016. I had a 6-month-old. I hadn't had any real sleep in what felt like forever. I had looked into starting my own business but found the whole process overwhelmed me. I had also looked at buying a franchise and came across Pink Spaghetti PA Services. I couldn't stop looking at their website. I spent a lot of time researching them and decided to meet them to learn more.

Fast forward to this week. I've had my own company for about...7 weeks! It's not been easy. I found out quite quickly that I need to time-box in order to be productive. I also don't want to ignore my son while I work, as the main reason for taking the leap into the world of self-employment is to have more time for my family. I mainly work while he is asleep. I have learned to ignore the dishes. (Okay, I can't completely ignore them but I can leave them until a suitable moment arises to do them. I want to give thanks to my dishwasher. I love you.)

Last night I found out that I was a winner of the latest #SBS Small Business Sunday competition run by ex-Dragon, retail magnate and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. My phone has not stopped. I went to bed last night only because my phone battery was down to 3% and I realised it would take more than one evening of Twitter to realise what this means to my business. All it took was one tweet.

There is always someone out there who has more on their plate than you. How you chose to divide and use your time is what makes you able to achieve your goals.

My Business Tips

1. Know what's important to you. we all have long to-so lists, but what items on it on it are really important? What would you regret not doing…
2. Conversely, know what’s not important to you. What can you stop doing or delegate to free up time?
3. Just get started. Break the task down and set some parameters for when you’d like to achieve certain aspects. What simple steps can you take right now?
4. Set a time frame for finishing – and commit to it.
Accept that you don’t have to do it all yourself. With a bit of imagination – and some support from Pink Spaghetti – 2017 could be your best year ever!

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