My Buzz

Since we have won SBS our twitter account has gone wild. From followers to re-tweets of congratulations and also other followers contacting us asking us about our business and what it does. This has been a great networking opportunity.

My Bio

Andy began his career in 1990 at CIBC-Wood Gundy on an institutional desk covering major banks and funds for cash bonds and structured products. In 1997 he moved to Tokyo Mitsubishi International to help develop their market presence as well as focusing on emerging market bonds and TMI's securitisation business. After a successful 10 years, Andy co-founded his own regulated investment firm which he then sold and has since established Ramek Asset Management which goes live very soon. As well as his investment banking experience Andy is a property investor and also a serial entrepreneur . His latest focus is the Green Deal / ECO initiative where his financial experience and FSA Regulation has been invaluable in gaining approval for the various finance related aspects of the accreditation process. Over the last few years the green energy space has had huge growth and Polyramek aims to be a major contributor.

My Business Tips

Work hard ,you only get out what you put in
Aim high
Your only as good as your team so look after them and keep them motivated.
If they succeed then so do you = WIN/WIN

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