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During the week I received my #SBS there was a surge in page views and visits to my website, helping boost my online presence. I also saw an increase in my twitter followers. I've connected with a number of different business as a result of being part of #SBS and love seeing how the #SBS winners have developed into a friendly, networking group.

Nearly a year since my RT from Theo Paphitis, I still feel the benefits. I might gain some new followers or another #SBS winner might recommend me to someone.

My Bio

Contary to popular belief, neither Poppy or Sparkles are part of my name. Inspired by my daughter Poppy and my pet name for jewellery, 'Sparkles', Poppy Sparkles is where I indulge my love of making jewellery and magpie tendancies. And my name is Viv Smith. I long ago adopted 'Viv', abbreviated from Vivienne, to ease the burden on people trying to spell my name.

Poppy Sparkles was founded in March 2010 after numerous years making and selling my handmade jewellery both off and online.

Like many handmade businesses, Poppy Sparkles, is very much a reflection of me.

Throwaway fashion and jewellery makes me sad. I love keepsakes and the history and memories that they hold. My aim is that your handmade jewellery from Poppy Sparkles will become a treasured part of your jewellery collection and an heirloom of the future.

Here are a few things that are good to know about me and my jewellery:

1.I select the materials I use carefully. Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious gems and sterling silver; quality materials that, with your care, will hold their beauty.

2.Yves Saint Laurent once said "Fashions fade, Style is eternal". Whislt I may nod to current trends or fashions, creating beautiful designs that have a timeless and classic style about them is my mission.

3.The little details are not to be overlooked. Those little details can enhance and transform a piece. Attention to detail is so important. I put in the extra time to ensure that each and every piece I design has the right look and feel. Hand in hand with this is quality workmanship. Each and every piece I make is personally handmade by myself and finished with care.

4.My reputation and customer satisfaction is paramount, second only to quality and design. It is you, my customers, that make Poppy Sparkles. Whether you want a design customised, a Bespoke Jewellery design or a little note included with a gift-wrapped order to a friend, I’ll work to make it happen.

When I'm not busy creating sparkly goodness in my home-based workroom, I'm a wife and a mother. I love crafting in my spare time and kindling (as my little boy calls it when I read my kindle).

My Business Tips

Schedule regular time to keep up to date with admin and accounts.

Planning is great, but you need to take action to make things happen.

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