My Buzz

It has been a great endorsement & boost to my garden design business & has enabled me to really improve our profile amongst other businesses as well as effectively promoting my offer. I have seen a big increase in my social media following on a daily basis which is great! It has also opened doors for collaboration and interaction which is very important in my business, most recently helping me to firstly apply for and then win the Grand Designs Live Garden Designer of the year award!!

My Bio

I am an award-winning qualified garden designer and a chartered landscape architect with more than 12 years experience in designing and managing landscapes and gardens. I am passionate about all things garden and garden design. I have worked in both private and public sector within the landscape profession and have a fascination and love of sensory & healing gardens as well as food growing and kitchen gardens.
My business practice: Poppyhead Consultancy is dedicated to delivering high quality contemporary garden design to both private and public clients. We have several areas of expertise & small gardens and roof terraces are amongst our passions!
Most recently I have won the Grand Designs Live Garden Designer of the Year award selected and awarded by Kevin McCloud. This is helping me drive my business forward!!

My Business Tips

-'If you think you can do a thing you can, if you think you can't you wont'! A Henry Ford quote and so true!
-Keep growing and developing your expertise and better ways of doing things in all aspects of your business.
-Never stop learning and evaluating what is working and what isn't and then change and adapt accordingly-flexibility is important.
-Identify and remember who your clients are and try to understand and tap into their needs rather than providing what you think they want or should want!
-Don't sell yourself short. Spend time ensuring that others understand and value your offer
-Be strategic about application of social media tools to marketing.

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