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We pride ourselves on baking delicious organic cupcakes, using the finest locally sourced natural ingredients. We are a small family business and have been baking cupcakes for London for the past 3 years.

There are no artificial colours or preservatives in our cupcakes, they are all individually baked with lots of love & care. We also cater for allergy sufferers, just ask before placing your order with us.

My Bio

The birth of Poppy's Cupcakes came from our daughter Poppy's love of cakes.

Three years ago my husband and I set up our business, we started off small supplying local cafes and people in the neighbourhood, moving on to corporate events and the entertainment industry.

I was born in Watford, Hertfordshire and had a modest upbringing, my parents didn't have a lot of money, so during my teenage years I would do odd jobs for people to make a bit of pocket money. I even sold sweets to my school friends for a lot more money than I had paid for them.

I always wanted to start my own business but little did I know that I would have a little girl and that she would be my inspiration.

My Business Tips

To succeed in business today, you need to have a flexible approach and have good planning and organisational skills.

Many people start a business and think they are going to make money over night, this isn't the case. You need to start off small and gradually build your business up. I am heavily into social media and currently have more than 28,000 genuine followers on Twitter, whilst most of our business comes from Google, word of mouth and our website it is still important to get your name out there through Twitter, facebook and other similar platforms.

Another business tip is to join in with #Twitter Hours as this is a fantastic networking tool. I set up #CupcakeHour less than a year ago (Tuesday 8-9pm) it is an hour of baking fun. The hour includes baking Industry news, fun food facts, baking tips from a top Irish Chef and a weekly prize, I run the hour like a non verbal radio show and this seems to attract a lot of people who join in with the show.

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