My Buzz

We are super excited to be included in the #SBS winners circle - what a win! Persistance certainly does pay off as we've been entering every Sunday for 6 months!

We are a story telling team providing dynamic video, photography and aerial imagery for real estate, weddings and any business big, or small, creating emotive stories.

My Bio

We have been creating marketing videos for the web for a couple of years and moved back to the UK after 8 exciting years in South Africa.

We are busiest in the Real Estate Video and Photography and Weddings arena but also pride ourselves in the marketing videos we have produced for golf clubs, schools, beauty therapists, fitness instructors, hotels and holiday rental homes, business coaches and online training.

My Business Tips

We know we are in the video industry so it sounds self-selling, but any business with a web or social media presence needs a web video! Here are some marketing tips to get your website seen...

You may well have heard that video is important for your website but do you know why?
1. People are impatient - they would rather watch than read
2. When you have a great video representing what you do, people are more likely to like, trust and follow you
3.The more engagement your website receives the higher your business ranks on Google
4. YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine after Google and keywords and SEO in video pushes your site up the rankings
5. Bottom Line - your brand will be seen!

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